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Why Can't Choose Cheap Flexible Slings ?

Why Can't Choose Cheap Flexible Slings ?
Jan 04, 2024

In the field of lifting slings, different slings will be selected for different lifting items. For example, for circular items, we generally use flat webbing sling for lifting. But now there are many manufacturers that can produce flexible slings, and many times in the market is full of cheap and inferior products, which are not available for purchase.

In terms of materials, cheap flexible slings will be processed with cheaper materials. We know that qualified slings generally use high-quality imported DuPont silk, polyester or Dyneema. The nature of these materials is very Excellent, can withstand hundreds of tons of pulling force, and the practical temperature is relatively wide. Inferior materials will have a relatively low load-bearing upper limit and a relatively narrow temperature range, which will cause various quality problems in the inferior flexible sling, and may even cause personal injury to the staff.

In addition to the materials used cheap flexible slings will be more perfunctory in product quality control, and they will not pay attention to after-sales, which will lead to problems of this kind in the use of the product. Therefore, in order to work normally, we need to recognize the essence of these cheap flexible slings, and try not to purchase these cheap products.

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