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What Are The Advantages Of The Sling?

What Are The Advantages Of The Sling?
Oct 23, 2023

First, we need to understand the purpose of the sling. Slings are usually used in flammable and explosive environments. Therefore, the requirements for slings are very high. The sling itself will not cause sparks and cause danger, and the Dyneema sling fully meets this requirement. Dyneema hoisting belt itself is not conductive and not easy to corrode, so it has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, long service life and cost saving.

The second is its weight. It must be known that the sling itself has weight. This part of the weight still needs the machine to complete its work. If the sling is too heavy, it will waste a lot of unnecessary energy and greatly reduce the working efficiency of the machine. Ordinary material slings are not as good as Dyneema slings. It is made of the toughest super-strong polyethylene fiber and is a very high-performance fiber sling. Under the same weight, the development of seat belts can carry five times the weight of other materials, which means that if you want to transport items of the same weight, Dyneema lifting belts are the lightest. This feature is very important to us. Dyneema hoisting belt not only has strong toughness, but also improves the working efficiency of the equipment.


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