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Features And Inspection Of Flat Lifting Belt

Features And Inspection Of Flat Lifting Belt
Oct 24, 2023

The flat sling is a more economical and practical sling. It can continuously change the focus point and can be used in a variety of ways. The hoisting belt is made of high-quality synthetic fiber as raw material, using advanced weaving technology and equipment, and sewn by different stitching methods. The hoisting belt with multiple safety factors can be made according to customer needs, and the production range is 0.5t-100t. The international standard color is used to distinguish different carrying capacity, and it can also be distinguished according to bandwidth.

1. The bearing surface is wide and the force is even. It is more stable during the hoisting and transportation process. We all know that the larger the bearing area, the greater the distributed force, so that the pressure of the hoisting belt is smaller, so that the hoisting belt is transported. The process is more stable.

2. The friction is reduced and it is easier to fix. The flat hoisting belt is easier to fix the objects that need to be hoisted when hoisting heavy objects, and the contact surface between the two is increased, which avoids the sliding of the heavy objects on the hoisting belt and is more stable This is more conducive to the transportation of heavy objects. Does not damage the appearance of the suspended object, and is highly maintainable

3. The hoisting belt is stronger, and the flat hoisting belt is more durable during use due to the uniform force, the load-bearing capacity is stronger, and the service life will be longer.

4. The hoisting belt has the characteristics of light weight, good flexibility and easy bending, so it is more convenient to use the hoisting belt during use.

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