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The 300-ton high-frequency coalescing separator was hoisted into place

The 300-ton high-frequency coalescing separator was hoisted into place
May 28, 2024

Recently, it took 5 hours to safely and efficiently hoist two high-frequency coalescing separators with a total weight of about 300 tons on the No. 3 platform of the Shengli Oilfield Offshore Production Plant, providing a solid foundation for offshore oil and gas production. During the equipment hoisting, the Offshore Oil Production Plant, Shengli Oil Construction and other relevant units strictly implemented the filing system for major offshore hoisting operations, continuously optimized the construction organization and operation, strictly implemented the ship anchoring application system and various risk and hidden danger control measures, and ensured the safety and efficiency of the hoisting operation.

It is understood that the high-frequency coalescing separator is a key equipment for improving the system capacity of the No. 3 platform of the center. After the equipment is put into production, it will effectively improve the platform's produced fluid treatment, water distribution and water treatmen.

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