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Lifting Belt Using Instructions

Lifting Belt Using Instructions
Mar 09, 2023

There are different specifications and types of lifting slings. It is a relatively flexible lifting sling that can be used for hoisting objects. Although there are many applications, everyone should abide by the correct operating when using. Here are some wrong hoisting methods for you, and I hope you can avoid these operations in use.

One is knotting. It is very dangerous to tie the lifting sling, so if you need to fix it, try to use a shackle to assist. The second is that the lifting belt is generally connected with the hook, but it should be noted that there must be a margin in the ring of the hook so that all the ropes are in the ring. If the rope is too thick, a hook with a larger ring should be selected. Third, when the sling is used with a shackle, single-strand winding is prohibited. For safety reasons, double-strand winding should be used to connect the shackle.


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