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Correct Use Of Flat Sling

Correct Use Of Flat Sling
Oct 14, 2023

The flat sling is made of high-quality synthetic fibers as raw materials, using weaving technology and equipment, and sewn by different stitching methods. As we all know, different types of slings have different usage details, so how to use the sling correctly?

1. When selecting the specifications of the lifting sling, the calculation considerations must include the size, weight, shape, lifting method to be used, etc., as well as the requirements of the final work. The calculation must include force. The working environment and load type must be considered. You must choose a sling with sufficient capacity and an appropriate length to suit the method of use. If multiple slings are used to lift the goods at the same time, the same type of sling must be selected; the raw materials of the sling are not affected by the environment or load.

2. Restricted use angle of the sling. When using a flat sling with soft ears, the minimum length of the ear should not be less than 3.5 times the maximum thickness of the hook in the contact part of the ear, and the movable angle of the hook should not exceed 20°. When connecting a sling with a soft lifting lug and a lifting device, the contact part of the sling and the lifting device must be kept constant, unless the axial width of the sling does not exceed 75mm, and the bending radius of the sling must be at least the sling 0.75 times the axial width.

3. Follow good hoisting experience. Before starting hoisting, plan a hoisting and light operation plan. Regardless of whether attachments or soft lifting lugs are needed, carefully consider matching the end of the lifting belt with auxiliary attachments and lifting equipment.

4. When hoisting, please use the hoisting strap connection method correctly. The flat sling should be placed safely and connected to the load. The hoisting belt must be placed on the load so that the width of the hoisting belt can be balanced; the suture part of the rope cannot be placed on the hook or lifting equipment, but should always be placed on the upright part of the sling, so as not to be far away from the load. Hook and locking angle cause label damage.

During use, most operators should follow the precautionary measures in the various steps listed above. Only by using a lifting belt that meets the specifications can the lifting effect be achieved and the safety of the lifting operation can be ensured.


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